On Friday November 15, we had our third transition session. Students recorded a beautiful version of "What A Wonderful World". Press play to listen to their amazing voices singing a song they learnt only 30 minutes before!

What A Wonderful World.mp3

On Friday November 1st, a group of Prep and Grade 1 students had their first transition session with me in the music room. We played a number of getting-to-know you games and sang a couple of songs. 

In the second hour we set up for our own recording session. Here are the songs that we recorded!

-Mr. Scapin

Transition Rap

A fun chant to help learn all of the new names.

Transition Rap.mp3

Funga Alafia

A welcome song that we sing almost every week in music!

Funga Alafia.mp3

Cave Of Lights

A short excerpt of a beautiful song by artist Emma Tonkin. You can find the original song here:


Cave Of Lights.mp3

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